GEOG 170 – Advanced Geographic Information Systems

NOTE: The following is an archive of the class material I offered as a Professor at Hofstra University (1999-2024).

This advanced course expands the GIS foundations, concepts, and application techniques already acquired in the introductory and intermediate courses (GEOG 60 & GEOG 160). It mainly focuses upon the professional applications of the GIS technology such as project management, geodatabase creation, advanced cartography and data analysis.

The student is expected to become proficient in applying GIS to analyze problems in a wide array of fields. The course is interdisciplinary, implying that students can choose topics related to their area of interest (e.g., geography, sustainability, ecology, geology, history, etc.).

The general goals of the course are:

  • Providing advanced GIS conceptual knowledge.
  • Acquiring advanced GIS application skills.
  • Expand proficiency in GIS tasks such as project management, geodatabase creation, advanced cartography, and data analysis.
  • Being able to use ArcMap GIS software for professional and scientific purposes.


NOTE: Material currently not available.

  • Lab 1 – Georeferencing, Georectifying and Tracing
  • Lab 2 – GIS Project Management and Geodatabases
  • Lab 3 – Topology and Advanced Vector Editing
  • Lab 4 – Geotagging Photographs
  • Lab 5 – Drone Data and Raster Mosaics
  • Lab 6 – Advanced Buffer Creation and Clipping
  • Lab 7 – Vector and Overlay Analysis
  • Lab 8 – Geographic Interpolation
  • Poster Project